All spiritual practices are based on the science of sound, it is in sound and by sound that all things seen and unseen have been created by the ancient civilizations that were very aware of the healing powers of sound. Sound is the highest principal of spirituality. the Andean music helps us to merge with our soul and it connects us with a limitless supply of energy.




Sound healing

The ancient master of Peru saw sound  as an integrative factor of all life, as the key to unlock the mysteries of the universe. They understood that sound sound is the essence from which the universe arises. Through the power of sound we ca reconnect with our true selves. 

Offerings for Mother Earth

Despachos, Payments to the earth, release ceremonies, Spiritual Counseling 

Wedding Ceremonies

Peruvian wedding ceremony  with sacred music from Peru 

Cosmic medicine form the solar societies of Peru workshops

guided visionary experience, designed to help open up the great potential available to each person, and vibrational sound healing ceremonies with drums and a variety of handmade flutes. The sound of these special instruments will help you sink deep into your roots, letting Mother Earth rebalance your energy system to move into new and more receptive frequencies.

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