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All spiritual practices are based on the science of sound, it is in sound and by sound that all things seen and unseen have been created by the ancient civilizations that were very aware of the healing powers of sound. Sound is the highest principal of spirituality. the Andean music helps us to merge with our soul and it connects us with a limitless supply of energy. The ancient masters of Peru saw sound  as an integrative factor of all life, as the key to unlock the mysteries of the universe. They understood that sound sound is the essence from which the universe arises. Through the power of sound we ca reconnect with our true selves.

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Despachos, Payments to the earth, release ceremonies, Spiritual Counseling

 Online Courses ​

Taripay Pacha

Tuning your inner self

This 5 week online course is designed to share the, wisdom, knowledge and teachings of the Andean civilizations,with the guidance of the Willkasara Medicine family of Peru .

 During this specialized course we will  Connect with the Sacred Elements sacred fire, water, air and Mother Earth and learn how to create a magical connection with Pacha Mama, though  Teachings, Ceremonies and Rituals in the sacred water falls , Oceans, Rivers, and Apus (Sacred Mountains). 


These highly elevated civilizations connected with  Divine through Pacha Mama. Pachamama is a Divine manifestation of unconditional love and abundance. During our time together we will engage in prayer, sacred music to tune our inner selves to restore balance to our mind bodies and spirits; rituals to aid our understanding and transformation through our healing and learning process as we archive higher levels of understanding.

We will gather virtually every week through zoom, you will have a series of practices and homework to do during the week, special activities that will be planned our for you to achvie  the 3 levels of consciousness. 

Join us to explore and connect with the 3 levels of consciousness :

Hanaq Pacha, the Upper World

 Kay Pacha, This World

Uju Pacha, The Spirit world

Cosmic medicine form the solar societies of Peru Online Course 

guided visionary experience, designed to help open up the great potential available to each person, and vibrational sound healing ceremonies with drums and a variety of handmade flutes. The sound of these special instruments will help you sink deep into your roots, letting Mother Earth rebalance your energy system to move into new and more receptive frequencies.

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