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"Once you sit in a Ceremony with Wachuma, you won't see life the same again."

Ceremony Testimonials and reviews

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 Stephen Miler

By God, something happened in that backyard on Saturday that I had never felt before. It is still too early to tell what specifically was healed, since it’s only been a day since taking the medicine. I do know that I experienced a love for twenty other people that I never thought possible. I felt the universal vibration literally shaking my body and in giving in to it, allowed the Medicine to purge whatever it wanted. I’ve always been one to suppress emotion, but Wachuma enabled me to express myself like never before. It also allowed me to see God in each of the other participants’ faces, and to experience a love for others so profound, I didn’t think possible.

Thank you family for this experience that has changed my life.

 Lorri Espinosa

I experienced an integration of my entire life experiences. I know my Dharma now and realized it has always been there like a seed sprouting then growing into different stages of life. I also experienced seeing the unique beauty and gift of all my brothers and sisters in this huge human family. There is so much more...

 Monica Cobian
The ceremony was beautiful and magical. Wachan and Martika are gentle and loving guides. They create a safe container for your heart to expand and flow. The lessons that were revealed were simple yet profound. Wachan’s wisdom and stories reminded me of staying present, doing all things with love, seeing the magic in things, and living in joy and gratitude.

Any Cooper
Wachan and Martika hold such Authentic and Powerful Medicine Space. They are a Pure Connection of Love and Respect and Gratitude. transformation and respect


What a beautiful gift of a journey, with an extraordinary family. Sacred lands and stories, guides turned to friends. Every moment a discovery inside and out. Not to be missed!

Lecia Fox

It can be difficult to do justice in words what truly must be felt to be understood, I shall do my best to convey the love, exploration & connection experienced during my time with Wachan, Martika & Shiqwarkenty.


. Willkasara Sacred Expeditions are personalized, healing & supportive. My expectations were far surpassed and each day I grew a deeper & closer bond to the Earth around me, myself and my traveling companions. 


The scenery, if you can believe it, was truly enhanced in its great beauty by the accompanied music of Willkasara. 


The attention to detail and consistent reminders of living in intention & mindfulness were devotedly displayed by our hosts and am currently still practicing many of their meditations today! 


If you are reading this than my guess is you are curious. Let your spirit continue guiding you to and through this grounding, heart opening experience. 💓

Paul Erwin
I had no idea what to expect on my trip to Peru with Willkasara but what I experienced was far beyond what I could have imagined. Not only did I experience the beauty of the land, the sweetness of the people, the amazing local cuisine, the rich history of the place but what was really amazing was what I experience inside of myself. The sacred land & the wisdom of the Inca became alive in me through the amazing ceremonies & powerful guidance of our guides. Our guides didn't only show us & tour us through the ancient ruins but they gave us the experience of the ancient people. What I experienced was beyond amazing. It was the experience of joy, happiness, love, peace of mind, connection, clarity of thought, wisdom, simply said mind-blowing. If you've never been to Peru you are missing out & I would not experience Peru with anyone else. Willkasara is the only group I know that can give you the spirit & feeling of Peru beyond being a tourist. In Peru I became an experiencist. Wachan, Martika, Shiqwarkenty you were our guides & now you are our family. Thank you Thank you Thank you... Forever in gratitude for the incredible people you are...


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