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Discover the Sacred land of Peru with the Willkasara Medicine Family

We have been leading Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Retreats for 50 years. We combine our ancient healing techniques, Plant Medicine, Meditation, and Sound therapy to establish balance and purpose in the transforming lives of those seeking awakening. All of this in the Sacred temples of Peru! Whether it's your first time traveling or if you too lead retreats, we provide a safe environment with love and respect to discover the messages of the ancient ones left in every temple of this Sacred Land. Each day of our Retreats are unique opportunities to shift our perspective and become the Medicine.  


JUNE 23 - July 1

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Release, Rebirth, Reconnect

9 Days 8 Nights

About this Retreat 

This Retreat was created with love and patient dedication to the awakening and healing we witness with Grandfather Wachuma. As guardians of this sacred medicine, we want to share the most profound healing journey on all levels. We have planned this journey to Awaken, Transform and Reharmonize every cell of our being. Through the vibration of each sacred temple on this Land, through teachings and practices that are designed to remove any blockages and bring balance, through spiritual guidance and community. Weaving our Plant Medicine ceremonies, the Sacred astronomical events of the cosmos, and the Sacred Land of Peru to attune our beings to the universal harmony. Once we sit with Grandfather Wachuma, our lives will not be the same again.
  Together, we will create a space for a journey of healing unique to any other retreat. Together, we will create a journey of awareness, self-love,  harmony and transformation in celebration of this new begining.

What makes our retreats different?

This unique retreat aligns with a very special time of year, the 𝗪𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝘀𝗼𝗹𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗲, which for many ancient civilizations, was a time of great awakening and Rebirth
This is a unique INDIGENOUS LED healing
experience, one which will give us more self-love, greater clarity, and a deeper sense of purpose on our life journey. This healing experience will allow us to immerse into the heart of the Andes through the power of Plant Medicine, Teachings with Native Elders, Breathwork, Meditation, Sacred Sites, Sacred music, and a reconnection with Pachamama. Deeply absorb the ancient wisdom of healing through Plant Medicine of the Solar societies of Peru. Return to your true self as we uncover the healers within. Throughout this special retreat, we will be in nature, in the megalithic Inca temples and vortexes with Sacred Plant Medicine Wachuma to receive the Andean New Year guided by the Teachings of the Willkasara Medicine Family - Wachan, Martika, and Shiqwarkenty
We are dedicated to honoring the Sacred Plant Medicines and our traditions; we are committed to spreading that respect with you on this journey. As a family on the Medicine path, we are here to support your growth on every level and share the magic of our home with you in the purest way. We strongly guard our Medicine and Traditions, keeping them in their original form, the way all generations in our lineage passed them down to share the most authentic healing experience with you, directly from the source to your open heart. Throughout the entirety of this Retreat, we will be healing, transforming, releasing, and learning tools to continue the journey once we are home. Peru, the sacred Land of the Incas, a place of enlightenment and awakening, will be the cradle of our body temples on this journey within.

What is needed from you for this journey:
An open heart and mind and, most importantly, the willingness to show up for your awakening! We are here to unveil any false obstacles, beliefs, or energy blockages that have been placed in front of you to help you recalibrate to the power you hold within. We are all instruments of great wisdom and power,  sometimes along the path of life, we go out of tune and need a sacred space, the right tools, and wise guides to attune ourselves to the universal harmony once more; all of this and more is possible when you accept the gift and say yes!

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what we include in your retreat Package


  •  Pre-retreat guidance  group call

  • 2 Wachuma Plant Medicine Ceremonies

  • Welcoming ceremony

  • Drum Journey Rebirth ritual

  • Breathwork

  •  Entire retreat Guided by Willkasara Medicine Family

  •  Retreat Preparation call with Willkasara Medicine Family

  • All Meals

  • Non Alcoholic drinks at mealtime

  •   Post-retreat group  integration call

All Ceremonies and Teachings by The Willkasara Medicine Family

  • Airport Pickup on arrival

  • Airport dropoff on departure

  • Welcome Gifts

Retreat Investment:

Single room  $4,740.00 per person 

Double room $4,640.00per person  (shared with another guest on the retreat)

  • Sound Healing

  • Plant Medicine Introduction

  • Introduction to the Andean ways of healing

  • Entrences to. all scared sites mentioned by tour leaders

  • Private Ground transportation

  • English-speaking specialist guides

  • Touring and excursions as per itinerary

  • Integration with Willkasara Medicine Family

The Willkasara Medicine Family, your retreat hosts 


Willkasara a family of medicine people of the Andes of Peru and Colombia have been sharing their teachings and Plant Medicine Ceremonies with the global spiritual community for over 50 years sharing their knowledge through Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Spiritual Retreats.

 The Willkasara medicine family's mission is to guide each person back to themselves and uncover the healer within, in order to achieve that mission, first we must liberate ourselves from trauma, addictions, losses, and any obstacles that do not allow us to transcend and move forward in our spiritual growth. 


Over the years the Willkasara Medicine Family has been carrying their traditions and sacred ceremonies across the world to share with those whose hearts are open for transformation. On our Retreats you  will be guided by the spirit of the ancient ones in this vortex of knowledge and by the Traditional Medicine Keepers of this land. You will guide you to experience  a spiritual quest that delivers a deeper sense of purpose, healing, transformation and clarity on our life journey.

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WInter Solstice Plant Medicine Retreat
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memories of Past retreats

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Retreat Guest Reviews

Jackson Bennett

Attending the Winter Solstice Plant Medicine Retreat with the Willkasara Medicine Family was a transformative journey that touched the depths of my soul. From the moment I arrived, I was enveloped in a nurturing atmosphere of warmth and acceptance. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, I felt a sense of belonging that I had never experienced before.

Leaving the retreat, I felt reborn – with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. I am forever grateful to the Willkasara Medicine Family for guiding me on this transformative path. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone seeking healing and growth to experience the magic of their retreats. Trust me, it will change your life in the most profound way imaginable.

Emma Harrison

I recently had the transformative privilege of attending the Winter Solstice Plant Medicine Retreat hosted by the incredible Willkasara Medicine Family. To describe it as life-changing would be an understatement.
In the embrace of the Willkasara Medicine Family, I found not only healing but also a sense of belonging to something greater—a connection to the earth, the plants, and the infinite wisdom that resides within us all. This retreat truly changed my life in ways I never could have imagined, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Lecia Fox

It can be difficult to do justice in words what truly must be felt to be understood, I shall do my best to convey the love, exploration & connection experienced during my time with Wachan, Martika & Shiqwarkenty.


. Willkasara Sacred Expeditions are personalized, healing & supportive. My expectations were far surpassed and each day I grew a deeper & closer bond to the Earth around me, myself and my traveling companions. 


The scenery, if you can believe it, was truly enhanced in its great beauty by the accompanied music of Willkasara. 


The attention to detail and consistent reminders of living in intention & mindfulness were devotedly displayed by our hosts and am currently still practicing many of their meditations today! 


If you are reading this than my guess is you are curious. Let your spirit continue guiding you to and through this grounding, heart opening experience. 💓

Paul Erwin

I had no idea what to expect on my trip to Peru with Willkasara but what I experienced was far beyond what I could have imagined. Not only did I experience the beauty of the land, the sweetness of the people, the amazing local cuisine, the rich history of the place but what was really amazing was what I experience inside of myself. The sacred land & the wisdom of the Inca became alive in me through the amazing ceremonies & powerful guidance of our guides. Our guides didn't only show us & tour us through the ancient ruins but they gave us the experience of the ancient people. What I experienced was beyond amazing. It was the experience of joy, happiness, love, peace of mind, connection, clarity of thought, wisdom, simply said mind-blowing. If you've never been to Peru you are missing out & I would not experience Peru with anyone else. Willkasara is the only group I know that can give you the spirit & feeling of Peru beyond being a tourist. In Peru I became an experiencist. Wachan, Martika, Shiqwarkenty you were our guides & now you are our family. Thank you Thank you Thank you... Forever in gratitude for the incredible people you are...

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