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The Willkasara Medicine Family brings you 

Sacred Wachuma Plant

Medicine Ceremonies


Presented by The Willkasara Medicine Family of Peru 

A  journey of awakening and reconnection with Pachamama through the Sacred Medicines to access the wisdom we hold, led by Indigenous Peruvian Medicine Keepers

What is Grandfather Wachuma?

Along with Ayahuasca, Tobacco and Mama Coca; Wachuma is one of Peru’s most Sacred Plant Medicines and spiritual bridge. Wachuma ceremonies date back thousands of years throughout Andean cultures; these highly evolved civilizations established one of their many connections with the Divine spirit and creator through these sacred ceremonies.

Wachuma's purpose is to open the hearts of those who have lost the sacred connection we all have with Mother Earth. This heart-opening ceremony is one special way to align our body, temple, Body, Mind, and Spirit with nature and the Divine source.


Grandfather Wachuma is used for prayer, communing with nature, gaining access to the spiritual world, expanding consciousness, and healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Our ceremonies have been passed down from generation to generation, ensuring the purity of the Medicine Keepers, and have been kept in their most organic form, the way our ancestors, the Inca People led them. 

Ceremony Preparation 

The most important part of the preparation for this unique ceremony is mental and internal, you must set an intention for the ceremony. Whether you are in a grieving process, breaking the ties of addiction, or searching for a deeper connection with yourself and the divine source, you must have a clear intention set that will then be worked on through the ceremony.

What if I am on medications?

If you have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, thyroid conditions, mental illness, or similar please send us a message with your specific treatment or medication's name.




What to bring for ceremony?

  •  Blanket

  •  Yoga Mat 

  •  Water for yourself

  •  Light plant based food to share with the group after the ceremony 

  • Hat

  • Bug Repellent

  • Sunscreen 

  • Personal SMALL Alter items such as crystals or amulets.

  • Please wear ceremony appropriate clothing: NO mini skirts ect. (our way of dressing for ceremony is a  mirror of the respect we have for our sacred medicines and the Medicine Keepers leading the ceremony. )



Our Diet and recommendations are designed to keep you safe and to respect the Medicine of Grandfather Wachuma.



If you can, please begin this diet 3 days prior the ceremony date you wish to attend:


Abstain from sexual activity. This encompasses all methods of releasing sexual energy. 


 3 days before pay special attention to the foods you are eating. Start eliminating these foods from your meals:

  • junk food

  • salty snacks

  • processed foods

  • red meat

  • pork

  • dairy

  • spicy foods

  • garlic

  • citrus

  • ginger

  • onion

  • coffee

  • sodas

  • ice cream

  • fermented foods/drinks

  • alcoholapple cider vinegar

  • Green tea

  • chicken

Who is the Willkasara medicine Family?

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