I am of the people descended from the Taironas, the Kojis, the Keepers of Harmony for Humanity up in the Sierra Navada of Santa Marta, Colombia. My journey's path began with life in the Andes of Colombia. My spirit memories began with the long pilgrimage into the high mountain communities, gathering our sacred songs, dances, and ceremonies that created my spitiual foundation.

As a cultural ambassador.I have experienced many walks, leading my people and providing for them a bridge between the ancient and the modern world. When I moved closer to the ancient temples and sacred sites in the high mountains of Cusco, Peru. Here I met my husband, Wachan Bajiyoperak, who is a skilled medicine man. With his guidance, I learned the ancient practices of herbal medicine and the art of sound healing. I am a skilled practitioner of both herbal medicine and sound healing. Through the sacred sound, we heal ourselves, our families, and our communities.

As a ceremonial facilitator. I was privileged to create awareness between the men and women of the Andes. For centuries, women were excluded from participating in our Ancient Ways. Now is the time of the shift, the time to reconnect with our feminine side. In this way, we can better learn to heal and love Pachamama (Mother Earth). My work to bring balance to the women and men of the Andes continues today: I lead many men and women in retreats and ceremonies, to help them connect with their feminine side.

In addition to my path as a medicine woman, sacred sound healer, and spiritual guide, I also have extensive training leading tours to sacred sites around the world, including Peru, and Colombia.

I invite you to celebrate with me the blessings and abundance of our Mother Earth.


Manuel Cule

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