Wachan Bajiyoperak

Martika Gomez, descendent of the Kogi people, the keepers of harmony for humanity in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Colombia, has dedicated her life to carry on the legacy of the Kogi people. Sharing the  teachings of keeping the connection, peace and harmony with Mother Nature and the Universe. At the age of 7, Martika had an awakening with Mother Earth that transformed her life in all ways, from this moment she knew she would always be taken care of by Mother Earth.  Form this early age Martika has been on many pilgrimages to the sacred mountains to gather the sacred music, and ceremonies of the Andes of Colombia and Peru.

" Through the Sacred sound and our ceremonies we connect with Mother Earth and we are able to keep the balance for humanity."


 In 1996 Martika and Wachan began their journey together as soul  mates, sharing the teaching of the Yanantin ( the Balance of the Masculine and feminine energies of the universe ), the Alchemy of  Sound and Healing through Plant Medicine, across Japan, Hawaii, Germany, France, Colombia, Peru  and the United States .


In 1998 Martika and Wachan were blessed with their daughter Shiqwarkenty, since the moment of her birth she participated in all ceremonies and rituals, and as a family they continue to share and expand the teaching of family integration. 

 "Our families are a very important part of all societies, from the moment of conception, if we are aware of that moment and the importance of the state of mind of the parents and how this will influence this child's life we can change the perception of creating life."

"It has been a blessing for me to be able to integrate our family in our traditions and spiritual practices, because  our legacy will be carried on by our daughter, and the next generations. 

  Our work is to keep our traditions alive, to inspire the young ones to care  and look after Mother Earth. Through the power of the sounds, we have access to many different portals and doorways that help us connect with the Great Spirit . I have found love and connection with the heart beat of life through the sacred drum and a way of prayer by signing our traditional songs that are sung in a high pitch. This  is a way to connect with the spirit of nature. We have different  songs for every event that takes place in our lives, from birth to death, all are accompanied by the sacred sound.


Through the Sacred Plant Medicine Wachuma, we can connect with the spirit of forests and all of the medicines that are in nature. We have the access to tap in to, reconnect, and heal ourselves in a very profound way. Our ancestors believed that Wachuma Plant Medicine had the key to the heavens and the spirit realm. Wachuma is such a gentle and loving Medicine, that speaks to us through Mother Earth. 

  Through Wachuma I have witnessed so many miracles, by seeing how people in our medicine circle heal in a way they never though possible. I am honored to be a keeper of Wachuma Plant medicine with my family in this time of great confusion where there are many people who are misleading this sacred connection with Wachuma that is passed down generation after generation. Our work as a family is to be the keepers of Wachuma with great respect and love and share it with those who are ready to heal and grow in a safe and authentic environment."


As a tour facilitator Martika's mission is for you to experience the power of each sacred site and achieve the transformation you are seeking.

"We have created with so  much love in the sacred valley of the Inkas in Peru a place of healing and transformation, Willkasara Retreat Center where we facilitate  life changing retreats, surrounded by the Apus ( the guardian spirits  of the mountains) and the ancient ruins of the Wari Civilization. Here surrounded by the sacred mountains, nature and the ancient ruins my family and I will guide  you through a healing process to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Our mission to guide you back to your center, through teachings, our sacred ceremonies with plant medicine, activations at the sacred sites, healing sessions, and sound healing all of which were created with the purpose of achieving transformation and spiritual growth . When you feel the call to journey in the ancient land of the Inkas, Peru, we will be here for you."


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