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 All spiritual practices are based on the science of sound, it is in sound and by sound that all things seen and unseen have been created by the ancient civilizations that were very aware of the healing powers of sound. Sound is the highest principal of spirituality. the Andean music helps us to merge with our soul and it connects us with a limitless supply of energy.


  Wachan bajiyoperak, is an authentic 'Harawico" he has inherited the wisdom and knowledge of the sacred sound from his ancestors the Inka and pre-Inka civilization. He comes from a long lineage of medicine people. At the age of seven, he began building traditional instruments. He is a composer and recording artist of the sacred music from the Andes wachan has been traveling extensively in the Andes and the Rain forest to gather the ancestral music and the corresponding instruments.through this powerful music he has touched the souls of many throughout  the world .

Ancient Knowledge and Music from the                       Andes Mountains, Peru

Meet Wachan, Martika and               Shiqwarkenty

Ancient Knowledge and Music from the                               Andes of Peru 

Creative Life Center Sedona,Arizona


Inca Medicine Man, Wachan and Martika 

       Symphony Space New York                 (Ollantay)

Interview with Willkasara

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