Plant Medicine 



Opening the path ways of the heart 

                                                Wachuma,The Master Teacher and Spiritual Healer

Wachuma (San Pedro) is considered an extremely potent visonary Plant medicine from south America which can treat a range of emotional, mental, and physical disorders and is also effective at treating addictions. This sacred cactus has been used for thousands of year through out Andean cultures to connect with the Divine spirit and creator of the universe. This sacred plants purpose is to open the hearts of those who in this time, of life have lost the sacred connection we all have with mother Earth. This heart opening rceremony incorporates the use of Frequency healing which is achieved through the use of a verity of Andean instruments and songs that are meant to open the heart, body mind and spirit, to recollect the particles of life that at some point of our journey have strayed from our souls. This visonary plant medicine  journey will give you the healing and awaking you have been searching for

this sacred ceremony will allow us to reconnect with what we are born with, our divine essence belonging to  Mother Earth that often remains dormant within in us and with only own intention we   can reawaken 

Visions reached with Wachuma allow you to connect and better understand who you are and what your mission in life is , heal from past traumas, open the spiritual doorway for transformation to take place in our lives and allow the healer within to come forth.

Wachan Bajiyoperak,

  third generation Inka Medicine Man from Peru  is Specialized in healing with Plant Medicine Wachuma, to achieve the spiritual breakthroughs we are seeking, through the Alchemy prayer, sacred Chants, frequency healing and sound therapy accompanied  by his vast knowledge acquired over 40 years , combined with the teachings passed down to him from previous generations of  Inka healers including his father a gifted medicine man Best known for his vast knowledge in  Sacred plant medicine 

Martika Bajiyoperak,

is a skilled frequency sound healer who works along side Wachan her life partner in the healing arts and herbal medicine . She was raised in the sierra Nevada of Colombia with the kogi natives one of the most powerful cultures who still keep their traditions alive, here she acquired many years of wisdom in prayer and ancient ceremonies to give back to mother earth . Through her magical voice she will guide this powerful plant medicine journey with sacred chants to activate the Healing that will take place

Upcoming ceremonies 

Los Angeles, California

Ceremony Dates 

October  19th  at 2:00PM 

October 26th  at 2:00PM

October 27th at 2:00PM

                       LIMITED AVAILABILITY 
Please email us or
323-984-8509 for further instructions and reservation of your space.

 *all Ceremonies will  be in Los Angles area or near by, Exact address to be shared after sign up is complete.

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