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New Year's Plant Medicine Retreat- Shared Room

New Year's Plant Medicine Retreat- Shared Room





What if we started each year in Ceremony, Meditation, and with Intention?


How different would our lives be? Could 4 days of carefully curated Plant Medicine ceremonies, sacred sites, and teachings change not only the way we start our year but the way we carry ourselves through it?


We KNOW it does! So we are here to share that magic with you; for over 15 years, we have been starting our New Years in Meditation, with Plant Medicine ceremonies and Sacred sound to prepare our bodies, minds, and spirits for this new beginning we are gifted. 


We have carefully picked and planned each day’s ceremonies and practices to benefit our spirit and transform our lives.


On this New Years Plant Medicine Retreat in TULUM MEXICO, we will emerge our spirit in the wisdom of our ancient cultures and be guided by the Sacred Medicines on our path to Healing and Awakening as we step into this new time.


The days leading up to December 31st are designed to detox our body temple on all levels, with Plant Medicine, Teachings from the Willkasara Medicine family, Sound Healing, rebirth rituals, intention setting, and Activation of the sacred sites, clearing the way for the NEW! 


On December 31st, we will welcome the new year in Ceremony with GrandFather Wachuma! How special is that?! Over the many years of leading retreats, we have developed a unique way to connect you with Pachamama and the universe through Plant Medicine, and this time we have the honor of sharing it with you.


This is a call for transformation and Awakening led by indigenous Medicine Keepers.


Are you ready for a Magical NEW Year's experience?


What we include in your new year's retreat  Package


Retreat, ceremonies, teachings & 4-star ACCOMMODATIONS 

Single Room :    $4,000.00  per person

double Room :  $3,800.00  per person

Couples discount $500

(per Couple)


  •     ALL CEREMONIES AND TEACHINGS by Willkasara Medicine Family 

  •     Welcoming Ceremony

  •     Ayni Pukara ceremony

  •     2 Wachuma Plant Medicine  Ceremonies

  •     Intention setting

  •     Meditation

  •     New Year's Ceremony

  •     purification Ceremony

  •     Sound Healing

  •     Breathwork sessions

  •     Yoga

  •     Integration 

  •     Entrance to Chichen Itza wonder of the World

  •     Entrance to Cenote

  •     Closing ceremony 

  •     All Meals

  •    Accommodations

  •    Transportation

  • | Double Room Accommodations | Retreat Itinerary

    Day 1 Arrival Dec 29

    Arrival at the Cancun International Airport and transfer to Retreat Center to rest and settle in Welcoming Dinner

    Day 2 Chichen Itza Integration with Pachamama

    Today we will have our first encounter with this sacred Land; we will start this journey by integrating with Pachamama in the ancient Temple of Chichen Itza to ask for permission to walk this sacred land. We will set our intentions for this healing retreat and for the new year, calling in the new and releasing that which has brought us teachings.

    Meals included:

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

    Day 3 New Year's Plant Medicine Ceremony

    Today we will begin our day with a Morning Sadnah Practice which is ancient kundalini breathwork and spinal flexion practice to gently awaken the body.

    We will then be transferred to the ancient Mayan city of Coba, an astonishing complex of many important temples. Here we will be led by native guides that will share the history of this sacred place; there is plenty of shaded areas where we will be sharing our teachings and practices for intention setting and envisioning.

    to get from one Temple to the other we will then have the option of renting bikes or you can also get a "Taxi Bike" that will shuttle you around while you relax and enjoy the ride.

    We will then make our way to Choo- Ha for our Rebirth Ritual to prepare us for our main New Year's Ceremony later this evening. This Rebirth ritual will take place in a Magical Cenote (cenotes are natural wells, born in the heart of the earth), the womb of mother earth that were places of great importance to the Mayan people as this was the entrance to the underworld for the Mayan People and for our traditions the "Ukhu Pacha" the spirit world.

    We will have a light picnic Lunch.
    Later we will be in Sacred Ceremony with Grandfather Wachuma for the transition into the New Year. We will be led by the sacred chants (icaros)and our healing practices to open our hearts and allow the medicine to guide our Journey into the New. Releasing the teaching of the past year with love and gratitude and manifesting that which we are seeking. It is truly an honor for us all to receive the New Year in such a special way. We will be having a unique ceremony after midnight to light the first sacred fire of the year.

    Ligh Breakfast, light Lunch, and New Year's special meal after 12 AM

    Day 4 Plant Medicine Ceremony

    On this Special morning of the first day of the year, we will continue with our Plant Medicine Ceremony; there will be medicine offerings throughout the morning.

    After closing the ceremony will then have time to meditate and rest our body temple. light meals will be provided thought the day

    Day 5 Integration at Tulum Ruins

    Today we will be Integrating our ceremony experiences and head to the Ruins of Tulum; we will then head to the nearby beach to spend time in the pristine waters of this magical land celebrating life. We will have a special closing cermony at the beach at sunset.

    Day 6 Return Home

    today we will all be transferred to the airport to start our journeys home after this life changing retreat.

    A mid day flight is recommended Breakfast and luch included

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