Willkasara Medicine Family of Peru 
We are raising funds for a COVID relief fund for Isolated communities in Peru

Willkasara a family of medicine people of the Andes of Peru and Colombia, have been sharing their teachings and plant medicine work with the global spiritual community for over 45 years. Sharing  their knowledge through conferences, workshops, retreats, and Plant Medicine Ceremonies.


 Their Permanent home is the Sacred valley of the Incas, where they  facilitate custom retreats to personalize your healing journey in the Sacred Land of the Inkas. The Willkasara medicine family's mission is to guide each person back to them selves and uncover the healer with in, in order to achieve that mission, first we must liberate our selves from trauma, addictions, losses and any obstacles that do not allow us to transcend and move forward in our spiritual growth. 

Willkasara dedicates their life's mission to helping  individuals and families unlock the wisdom we hold within. Over the years they have been carrying their traditions and sacred ceremonies across the world to share with those who's hearts are open for transformation. This Medicine family from the Andes of Peru and Columbia primarily work  with sound therapy and Plant Medicine to help us achieve the spiritual breakthroughs many of us are searching for in this life time, to reconnect with our selves and Mother Nature, heal our bodies, minds, and spirits as well as heal the past to step into the future. 


Our Online Services 

Taripay Pacha

Tuning your inner self

This 5 week online course is designed to share the, wisdom, knowledge and teachings of the Andean civilizations,with the guidance of the Willkasara Medicine family of Peru .

 During this specialized course we will  Connect with the Sacred Elements sacred fire, water, air and Mother Earth and learn how to create a magical connection with Pacha Mama, though  Teachings, Ceremonies and Rituals in the sacred water falls , Oceans, Rivers, and Apus (Sacred Mountains). 


These highly elevated civilizations connected with  Divine through Pacha Mama. Pachamama is a Divine manifestation of unconditional love and abundance. During our time together we will engage in prayer, sacred music to tune our inner selves to restore balance to our mind bodies and spirits; rituals to aid our understanding and transformation through our healing and learning process as we archive higher levels of understanding.

We will gather virtually every week through zoom, you will have a series of practices and homework to do during the week, special activities that will be planned our for you to achvie  the 3 levels of consciousness. 

Join us to explore and connect with the 3 levels of consciousness :

Hanaq Pacha, the Upper World

 Kay Pacha, This World

Uju Pacha, The Spirit world

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Facebook live concert on Shiqwarkenty Bajiyoperak's page  at 8:00 pm PST

We will be sharing the best of our Andean Music on this Special evening, fin celebration of Shiqwarkenty's birthday, we are raising funds to support the isolated communities of PERU!! We look forward to this magical evening with you as we celebrate this special day!!! SHARE THE GIFT OF MUSIC WITH A FRIEND!

All proceeds will be shared amongst the most affected communities of Peru!


Wachan's  private healing sessions are designed to   help you release fear, anxiety, mental and emotional disorders heal and move  through traumas, loss, depression, grief,  other personal issues or spiritual counseling.


 In this time in life, with this new crisis that has struck man kind in a very unpredictable way many of us are living  such a chaotic lifestyle and we forget the Divine connection we all have with Mother Earth. At some point in our life journey when we suffer a trauma or experience loss, the particles of life separate from our souls. 


 Wachan’s is offering his healing sessions  during this difficult time and crisis  at a very affordable exchange, we want to be available for our community as we face this new change that life has brought to our doors and be accessible for all who need healing in this time of transformation.


 Clear the way for the new miracles life and the Divine spirit have for you! Each private healing session will last  1 hour- 2 hours  the  session includes a follow up by email to answer any questions that may arise after the session!


 The private healing session  suggested love donation/ exchange during this time is $120 per sessions. We are very aware of the economic loses the world if suffering at this time, our mission is to be accessible to all who need support and healing.


To book your session please  send us  an email : willkasara@yahoo.com


 Online healing  private sessions will be through Zoom, Skype or Facebook 


Private Healing sessions  availability  is  Monday - Friday mornings and evenings 

Once your payment is made you will receive an email with availability.

Bellow please add your contact information to your payment : email and phone number, if you have missed this step, please email us .

*all payments are final and non-refundable 

Meet your Hosts for             our Retreats   

Wachan Bajiyoperak

Wachan  a third generation medicine man is our spiritual tour guide. With over 30 years of experience he leads our Living Traditions and Mystical Awakening groups through meditation, prayer, music and offerings to the earth ( Pacha Mama) all teaching passed down to him form previous generations including his father a gifted medicine man best known for his vast knowledge in herbal medicine. Each group has an opportunity to explore the most sacred sites and engage in exclusive ceremonies such as San Pedro, and Ayahuasca with the guidance of  Wachan. Get ready to have the journey of a life time with our most outstanding spiritual guid!


Martika Bajiyoperak

Martika originally from colombia, is  skilled sound healer who works along side Wachan  Bajiyoperka in the healing arts and herbal medicine. She was raised in the sierra nevada of Colombia with the  Kogi natives where she acquired  many years of  wisdom  in pryer and herbal Medicine . Martika  is  also one of our skilled guides and tour coordinators with over 26 years of experience with a  joyful and loving preceense . Each grupo is lead by both Wachan and Martika. 


Shiqwarkenty Bajiyoperak

Shiqwarkenty Bajiyoperak, is systems engineer student, soprano and skilled artist in Inca Music . Shiqwarkenty is the general manager for willkasara expeditions, Through her expertise she ´plans each and every trip specially for you to enjoy your time in Peru. Shiqwarkenty was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. She  integrates the company as the tour coordinator to ensure your experience is flawless, unforgettable and life changing.

"Our  mission is to give our retreat participants the best experience in Peru. We carefully plan each retreat  though a series of steps to accommodate  the teachings, mediations, ceremonies and excursions during your time here. This way we have the opportunity to help each person  achieve the transformational experience they are seeking. Our promise is to be their every step of the way to guide and support you through this journey of spiritual awakening and divine shift occurring in you! We are here waiting for you, ready to begin our unique and transformational journey together!"


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