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Plant medicine Retreats

October 2022

  Discover the Sacred land of Peru with the Willkasara Medicine family through Wachuma Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Teachings, Chakra Balancing, Dietas, & Sound Therapy as we hear the messages of our ancestors and transform our journies.

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medicine Retreats

Explore the most Sacred temples of Peru, with special ceremonies to integrate with nature and reawaken our spiritual connection with Pachamama.

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Plant medicine Retreats

Connect with the Sacred Feminine through Pachcamama, Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Rebirth rituals, Chakara Activation, Breathwork, Womb healing & herbal baths in the Sacred Temples of Peru


Plant medicine Retreats

Balance the Sacred Masculine through Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Breathwork, Sound therapy, Men's Circle, Chakra balancing, and different ancient rituals to balance the Sacred Masculine

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Discover the Sacred land of Peru with the Willkasara Medicine Family

We have been leading Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Retreats for 45+ years. We combine our ancient healing techniques, Plant Medicine, Meditation, and Sound therapy to establish balance and purpose in the transforming lives of those seeking awakening. All of this in the Sacred temples of Peru!

Whether it's your first time traveling or if you too lead retreats, we provide a safe environment with love and respect to discover the messages of the ancient ones left in every temple of this Sacred Land.

Each day of our Retreats are unique opportunities to shift our perspective and become the Medicine.  
Below you will find information on our upcoming retreats in Peru.


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A once in a life time experience both fiscally and spiritually: we will be visiting all of the most important sacred sites of this spiritually rich country, who in the ancient times were one of the largest vision led cultures and civilizations  in the world who connected with the sprit world to achieved their spiritual growth  through the use of a verity of plant medicines along side other healing techniques which made them one of the most highly  evolved civilizations.
Through this journey we will be in ceremony, in prayer, meditating, chanting, dancing and  healing with Grand Father Wachuma as our bodies, minds and spirits open to the ancient wisdom that lives with in us and as us, We will receive teachings and guidence  from our Medicine Guides.  Heal your emotional body, mind and spirit .

Each day is carefully thought-out  to accommodate your needs and to give you an authentic expirience while at the same time participating in sound healing and other ancient ceremonies to heal our minds, bodies and spirits. We strive to help each person with their personal needs, for which we offer private healing sessions ( upon request). We understand that in this modern world many of us loose the sacred connection with ourselves and mother Earth. Our mission is to guide our retreat participants  back to themselves and reestablish that divine connection with the sacred elements. Through prayer, plant medicine, sacred music, meditation and our ancient  ceremonies.  Each day is a ceremony, a chance to transform, an opportunity to be reborn, and we promise to be their every step of the way.. 

This Retreat Includes :

  • 3 Wachuma Ceremonies

  • 1 Ayahuasca Ceremony

  • Teachings

  • All Accommodations 

  • Transportation 

  • All meals


Majestic Crystal City of Light

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Deep healing and transformation happening at the summit of Huayna Picchu

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Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Rebirthing ceremony at Machupichu

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Majestic Crystal City of Light

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Discover the astonishing ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, along side the sacred valley of the Incas,  Cusco the navel of the world and much more! Meditate, explore, and transform on this 5 day journey, specifically put together for you comfort as you embark on this spiritual journey.


Is This Trip Right for You?

This active trip covers a lot of ground each day as well as ceremonies. Expect from three to four hours exploring and prayer  well as early starts every touring day. The pace is fast and you will encounter some uneven surfaces, stairs, steps and significant slopes, and optional healing sessions.

 7 Day Peru Plant

Medicine Intensive

  14 Day Retreat

The Alchemy of


7 Day Retreat

Touching the Earth 

9 Day Retreat

a A journey within


  • 4 nights accommodations

    • 2 nights Bogota

    • 2 nights Cartagena

  • Hotel porterage

  • All t ground ransportation

  • 5 meals: 4 breakfasts, 1 dinner

  • Sightseeing per itinerary in modern air-conditioned motor coach

  • Services of an English-speaking tour manager throughout

  • Services of English-speaking local guides

  • Entrance fees per itinerary

  • ​Kogi ceremony 

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Transformational and healing retreats-4.



What a beautiful gift of a journey, with an extraordinary family. Sacred lands and stories, guides turned to friends. Every moment a discovery inside and out. Not to be missed! Thank you many times over Martika, Wachan & Shiqwarkenty .

our clients testimonials

It can be difficult to do justice in

words what truly must be felt to be

understood, I shall do my best to convey

the love, exploration & connection

experienced during my time with Wachan,

Martika & Shiqwarkenty.

Willkasara Sacred Expeditions are

personalized, healing & supportive.

My expectations were far surpassed and

each day I grew a deeper & closer

bond to the Earth around me, myself and

my traveling companions. 


The scenery, if you can believe it, was truly enhanced in its great beauty by the accompanied music of Willkasara. 


The attention to detail and consistent

reminders of living in intention &

mindfulness were devotedly displayed by

our hosts and am currently still

practicing many of their meditations



If you are reading this than my guess is

you are curious. Let your spirit

continue guiding you to and through this

grounding, heart opening experience.


Lecia F.
Paul E.

I had no idea what to expect on my trip

to Peru with Willkasara but what I

experienced was far beyond what I could

have imagined. Not only did I experience

the beauty of the land, the sweetness of

the people, the amazing local cuisine,

the rich history of the place but what

was really amazing was what I experience

inside of myself. The sacred land &

the wisdom of the Inca became alive in

me through the amazing ceremonies &

powerful guidance of our guides. Our

guides didn't only show us &

tour us through the ancient ruins but

they gave us the experience of the

ancient people. What I experienced was

beyond amazing. It was the experience of

joy, happiness, love, peace of mind,

connection, clarity of thought, wisdom,

simply said mind blowing. If you've

never been to Peru you are missing out

& I would not experience Peru with

anyone else. Willkasara is the only

group I know that can give you the

spirit & feeling of Peru beyond

being a tourist. In Peru I became an

experiencist. Wachan, Martika,

Shiqwarkenty you were our guides &

now you are our family. Thank you Thank

you Thank you... Forever in gratitude

for the incredible people you are... 

What a beautiful gift of a journey,

with an extraordinary family. Sacred

lands and stories, guides turned to

friends. Every moment a discovery inside

and out. Not to be missed! Thank you

many times over Martika & Wachan. 

Amy S.